MIT finger device reads to the blind in real time - The Washington Post

12-year-old builds low-cost Lego braille printer | Crave - CNET

"He took a basic, preexisting pattern for a printer and reworked it with new software and hardware enhancements to print out letters in braille. The result is called the Braigo."

Meet PAC’s Sina Bahram: The Brains Behind our Soon-to-Launch Accessible Website | Eone

I’m mostly blind, so accessibility is a big deal to me personally as a user. However, regardless of my own circumstances, accessibility and universal design are the right thing to do, period.

Touch Tour for the Blind | Toronto Star

PA Museum offers tours for the blind

Chris Downey: Design with the blind in mind | Video on

(via TEDxBrisbane - ONEx | TEDx |

Abraham Nemeth, Creator of a Braille Code for Math, Is Dead at 94 -

(via Running Blind The Movie)

"Changing the World Through Art"

Jeff Hanson Story (by Julie Hanson)

Top Project: The Bradley, A Timepiece for the Visually Impaired

Created in collaboration with product designers, engineers, and people with vision loss, The Bradley changes the way we interact with our timepieces. You shouldn’t need to “watch” your wristwatch to tell the time, and that is why we call The Bradley a timepiece instead of a watch.